what is guar meal

Life as a domestic animal is tough. Not only do they have to live and do as the humans want, but they also need to eat what the humans give them! They would expect humans to have at least a bit of good preference when it comes to choosing food but to no avail. The least those humans could do was give you some healthy and tasty protein-filled meals! If only they had better tastes.

Now, what should you do if you wish to have better taste and happen to want to fulfill this wish of a domestic animal? Knock on guar meal’s door to help increase their protein consumption and other needs!

What is Guar Meal?

It can be said that gaur meal is an essential ingredient in animal feed. Guar meals are extracted from guar seeds and contain the highest amount of protein content out of all the other extracts of the seeds. The high protein content is preferred for preparing animal feed because of how many benefits it comes with for domestic animals and livestock. Guar meals are grown without any influence of chemicals or preservatives and are a 100% agricultural product. Hence, we can say that Guar meal uses in animal feed preparation are safe, cost-efficient, and full of nutrients, which is the perfect choice!

Guar meals come in two forms- powdered and granular. The powdered form is called Churi while the granular form is called Korma.


Korma retains the highest protein content of about 50%. Unprocessed korma usually comes with a foul smell however, once processed, the smell is no longer there, and it becomes safe for consumption. It also can fatten up dairy animals in a short amount of time.

Uses of Korma

Korma is used as the main raw ingredient in the production of feed for various animals such as cattle, fish, poultry, and swine. However, it is best suited for dairy cattle. This is so because of the good amount of nutrients, protein, amino acids, etc. guar korma meals provide to cattle. It is also highly digestible and improves the digestion of cattle. The amount of consumption of korma by cattle can also be increased by how well it is being accepted by their system. The presence of up to 10% of korma in animal feed is tolerated as safe for consumption.

Farmers previously used soya meals while preparing animal feed however that turned out to be rather expensive. Guar korma meals come at a very cost-effective price and prove to be an effective alternative to soya meals.

Summarized Advantages of Korma

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Rich in protein (about 56.88% is retained) and carbohydrates.
  3. Composed of very low levels of digestive fibers and provide a high rate of digestibility.
  4. Contains the preferable amount of amino acids and other nutrients.
  5. Contains a higher percentage of energy content when compared to soya meals.


Churi is the powdered form of guar meals and is another by-product of guar seeds. It is used as a good binding agent for other raw materials in animal feed as it contains approximately 454% oil and albuminoid. It becomes free of E-coli, salmonella, and other infections after being processed. Consumption of guar churi meals can be considered safe when consumed about 4-7% by poultry, 5-7% by swine, and 5-12% by ruminants.

Churi retains about 35% of the protein content and can be considered one of the most nutritious ingredients for animal feed. As it is produced without the influence of any chemicals or preservatives it is a complete agricultural product. This makes it a safe ingredient that can be used in the animal feed industry freely.

Other extracts of Guar seeds

Apart from Korma and Churi Guar meals, other products can be extracted from Guar seeds. Those products include Guar Gum. Guar gums are used for a variety of things. It can be used as a laxative and is often used for patients who suffer from constipation, diarrhea, irritated bowel movements, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Guar gum is also used as a thickener in various food items like ice cream, yogurt, gluten-free baked items, and much more.

The Bottom Line

There are various things a farmer might look for when looking for raw ingredients for animal feed preparation. Things like nutritional content, consumer safety, and their cost are important when it comes to raw ingredients. These things make a huge difference for farmers. Guar meal uses in animal feed consumption can be said to be safe for consumption, high in nutritional content, and cost-effective. It checks all the boxes!

We can say that guar meal is a rather fruitful choice of raw ingredients for farmers. Guar seeds and all other products of the seeds including guar meals and guar gum can be found on our website! So, do your cattle’s preferences mercy and knock-on guar meal’s door!