Guar Gum Powder


Guar Gum Powder





Product Code


Viscosity in CPS-BROOKFIELD* (2 Hours)


Supreme 108A


7000 - 7500

Quick Hydration

Supreme 109A


7500 - 8000

Quick Hydration

Supreme FH110


8000 - 9000

Quick Hydration

Product Code

Mesh Viscosity in CPS-BROOKFIELD* (2 Hours)




Supreme 108A

200 35 38 40

Supreme 109A

200 40 42


Supreme FH110 200 44 46


Technical Grade:
Product: Guar Gum Powder
Product Name: Supremetec 101-109
Mesh Range: 100 to 300
Viscosity Range: 3000 to 8000 cps

Guar Gum Powder: Industrial Grade

Guar gum powder is widely used in industrial applications. It is popular as a stabilizer, thickener, and suspending agent because of several qualities like high viscosity, quick hydration in cold water, stability at high pressure, and easy-to-handle and environmentally friendly nature. Guar gum powder is used for a myriad of purposes in several industries including construction, textile, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paper, oil well drilling, mining and explosive.

At Supreme Gums, guar gum production is industry specific and a very detailed process. After sieving, the guar splits are soaked in hot water to obtain the desired viscosity. The splits are flacked, grinded, and dried. The grinded product is again sieved so that the desired mesh size could be obtained. The product is stored in blenders and then packaged.

Oil Drilling Application of Guar Gum Powder:

Product Guar Gum Powder
Product Name: Supreme FH
Supreme FH is a Natural Polymer. It yields Rapid Hydration in Fresh Water and Brines suitable for both Batch Mixing and On-The-Fly Hydration. FH Guar by Supreme is available as per FANN 35 as well as Brookfield Viscosities.


Product Code

Mesh Viscosity in CPS  (2 Hours)


Supreme 101EU

200 3500 - 4000 Good Dispersibility, Slow Hydration
Supreme¬†102EU 200 3500 ‚Äď 4000

Moderate Hydration

Supreme 103EU

200 3500 Min. Moderate Hydration

Supreme 104EU

200 4500 Min.

Moderate Hydration

Supreme 105EU 60 2500 Min.

Slow Hydration

Supreme 106EU

200 5000 ‚Äď 5500 Moderate Hydration
Supreme¬†107EU 200 5500 ‚Äď 6000

Fast Hydration

Supreme 108EU

200 6000 - 7000 Very Fast Hydration

Supreme 108A

200 7000 - 7500

Very Very Fast Hydration

Supreme¬†109A 200 7500 ‚Äď 8000

Very Very Fast Hydration

Supreme 105A

100 5000 Min.

Good Dispersibility, Faster Hydration

Food and Feed Grade:

Product: Guar Gum Powder
Product Name: Supreme 101-109
Mesh range: 100 to 300
Viscosity Range: 3000 to 7000 CPS

Guar Gum Powder: Food Grade

Guar gum powder is equally popular in the food industry. Guar gum is used in a wide range of food products including ice cream, dairy, pet food, noodles and bakery. Guar gum’s popularity is owing to its various properties including moisture retention, high viscosity, and prevention of ice crystal formation. It prevents ice creams from melting down quickly and forming ice crystals. In the bakery industry, guar gum helps retain moisture and increases the product’s longevity. Similarly, it is used for its viscosity in soups, gravies, and pet food.