We have heard that guar is majorly found or grown in India and Pakistan but the major export and production is done in India. Now not only Guar but all its applications have also been highlighted. Depending upon the usage and requirement of the guar the processing is done as for different guar applications its separation technique is very important. You have heard about guar gum splits which have been derived from cluster beans or guar seed which plays an important ingredient role in most industries . Here in this article we will discuss about guar gum splits and its production.

Production Process of Guar Gum Splits

To produce guar gum splits these steps are followed by the manufacturers.

  • In the initial process the guar pods are dried in the sunlight.
  • Another step is separating seeds which is done manually.
  • You will get korma and churi which are the by-product and majorly famous for their use as a cattle feed.
  • To extract gum these seeds are processed further in an industry.
  • To extract gum following a mechanical process is done like serving, roasting, differential attrition and polishing.
  • Once the extraction of seed is done it is broken into two and the endosperm germ is separated.
  • The fine fibrous material which is husk undergoes polishing that too after getting removed from the endosperm.
  • Now what you receive is the final refined guar gum splits.

Basically the production of guar gum splits is done when the fibrous fine layer is removed or separated by polishing from endosperm halves of husk. The best part of guar gum splits is that it is a raw material for the manufacturing of guar gum powder. As this guar gum splits is been used by different industries like textile, food, pharma, toiletries paper, cosmetic, printing, mining, pet food, tanneries, explosives etc. not only this but other derived products of guar is been used in these industries.

Final Words:

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