A gel-forming fibre which comes from the seed of guar plant. This guar gum is commonly known as guaran. From guar beans galactomannan polysaccharide is extracted which has the properties of stabilising and thickening. These properties are very useful in various industrial applications, majorly its binding and thickening. Also based on industrial application this guar seeds are milled, screened, hydrated and mechanically dehusked for usage. As these seeds are very high in fibre and in calories it is very low.

In major industries this guar gum powder is being used so the question arises how to use guar gum in cosmetics, food, mining, and other industries. Here in this article we will specially focus on the usage of guar gum in cosmetics products.

Usage in Skin Care Products

Being an ideal ingredient this guar gum is used in creams and lotions. This is because guar gum increases emulsion stability and that prevents water loss. The liquid separation from gel that is usually caused due to contraction. Not only this whenever you will compare any thickening agent with guar gum then always war gum will be superior. As this can be added to water without heating.

To bring product consistency it only needs a small amount with its superior quality of thickening it builds up lather. Which mix is perfect for soap use full stop if we talk about shaving products than with its decrease friction which arises from static charge helps results to run smoother and easier on skin. With this we got to know how to use guar gum in cosmetics like skin care products.

Usage in Hair Care Products and Makeups

Guar gum is widely used in manufacturing of cosmetics like shampoos, conditioners, lipsticks and face masks. As this guar gum binds to liquid and that forms a thick material. Here the face masks are majorly made by the natural ingredients which cleanse the skin, Nourish it and render elasticity.

As guar gum increases viscosity which allows the solid particles to get suspended in the hair care products like conditioner, liquid soap formulations and shampoos. The interesting part is when this guar powder is being used in shampoos then the usage of conditioner may decrease. This is because the superior properties of conditioning makes the hairs softer.

Usage of Guar Gum in Cosmetic Products Helps to

  • Products’ viscosity increases with the help of guar gum.
  • It helps in preventing water loss.
  • Guar gum suspends the solid particles.
  • With its usage it makes your skin smoother.
  • Adding guar gum as an ingredient increases the life of products.
  • It brings natural moisture to the skin.
  • By the usage of guar gum products your scalp and hair is protected by dryness.
  • It creates a protective layer for the environmental pollution, helps in preventing frizziness and also reduces the static electricity.
  • With the usage of guar gum in cosmetics it helps in removing and lifting the dirt from your skin.

Using guar gum as an ingredient makes cosmetic products more moisturise, more software, gives a texture of conditioner, makes it thickener and stabiliser. Along with this it gives a whitening agent to the products.

There has always been a question about how to use guar gum in cosmetics but now we know that this guar gum is used in shampoos, lipsticks, face masks, conditioners etc. For all skin types this guar gum is considered as an organic, best and non allergic ingredient. Along with this we all know that in today’s world everyone wants chemical free products due to which many natural ingredient industries are being introduced in the market.

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