In all over the world guar gum is majorly used in the form of guar gum powder. In various industries like paper, pharmaceutical, textile, oil, food, explosive, cosmetics and well-drilling guar gum powder has been added as a special ingredient. The reason why industries used it is that it forms hydrogen bonding with water molecules. Along with this many health problems like bowel movements, colon cancer, diabetes and heart diseases are resolved by consuming guar gum.

There are many guar gum suppliers in the market and that too specially in the USA. market. Here in this article we will discuss guar gum and the best Guar gum supplier in the USA and Indian market.

What is a Guar Gum?

By various names guar gum has been known by the people as goma guar, gomme guar and gauran goma guar. This natural ingredient fibre which is majorly found in India and Pakistan has been derived from ” Cyamopsis tetragonolobus botanical”. In other or simple words you can call it a guar plant. The interesting fact about this guar gum is its name. As it has been derived by the Sanskrit meaning of the word that is “food for cows”.

Just by grinding the seeds tissue from guar plant beans guar gum is obtained. This is also commonly known as Siam beans and cluster beans. Majorly this guar gum is being used for thickening, emulsifying and stabilising.

Guar Gum Production Process

Here are the following steps or you can say a process which is been followed for the guar gum production by mostly manufacturer:

  • In the first step the guar pods are kept under sunlight for drying.
  • Now the man’s power is needed to separate the seeds.
  • In this process a korma and churi is formed which is very popular for cattle feed.
  • To extract gum now these seeds are being sent to the industries. To extract gum a mechanical process is used which includes serving, roasting, polishing and differential attrition.
  • Once the extraction process is done the next part is to separate germ from the endosperm. The endosperm halves from each seed are known as husked guar splits.
  • After removing endosperm this fibrous goes under polishing. Now you have the guar splits which are refined.
  • Last process is making powder which can be done in several types based on manufacturer to manufacturer.

Application of Organic Guar Gum

In today’s market people are more attracted to organic products. This is because they believe that using chemical free products will be more fruitful for their health and body. This is the reason why the demand for organic guar gum is increasing worldwide. Let’s check out with the different industries who use this organic guar gum.

Pharmaceutical Industry:
In the pharmaceutical industry then the organic guar gum is being used as a disintegrating and binding agent in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Not only this it also acts as a gelling agent.

Food Industry:
In making ice creams organic guar gum is used. As it avoids ice crystals in the ice creams along with this it maintains a wonderful texture in food items.

Pet Feed Industry:
For the pet Feed Industry the organic guar husk is being used to feed animals and poultry which is very healthy for them.

Textile Industry:
By adding organic guar gum in the textile sector it acts as a thickening agent which results in quality of fibre and cloth.

Cosmetic Industry:
Organic guar gum powder is used in binding raw materials in the cosmetic industry along with this it is also being utilised for sizing purposes.

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