When it comes to Guar Gum, it brings in a wide spectrum of applications in the world of the pharmaceutical industry. It is chemically acknowledged as a hydro colloidal polysaccharide that is exclusively infused with mannose and sugar galactose. It is a very important part of different pharmaceutical formulations, paper, cosmetics, foods, textiles, explosives, and toiletry domain as well.

There are a number of reasons that make this application a perfect attribute to contribute to different industries. It acts as a thickening and binding agent. Not only this, but it also helps as a stabilizing and suspending agent that brings a number of industries into play. It also helps to be antimicrobial, antiproliferative, hypolipidemic, and all these aspects make it one of the most important elements to be used in therapeutic formulations.

A Brief Overview

Being a water-soluble nonionic polysaccharide, it is basically a leguminous plant that belongs to the galactomannans family. It is vastly harvested in dry semi-arid areas like India. With the assistance of technologies, these guar seeds are processed and extracted from the plants themselves. It has a high percentage of molecular weight and thus, it comes with the ability to generate viscous solutions and that too at lower concentrations. Because of all these attributes, the guar gum gets the needed solubility and capability to create gels in the cold water as well.

How It Has Become Valuable Pharmaceutical Applications?

Guar Gum and also acknowledged as guarkernmehl in German is taken into consideration in the powder form in pharmaceutical applications. The reason behind the same is because of its viscosity-enhancing attributes. It comes with a high hydration rate and this means that it can swell quickly in aqueous solutions and this is why it is taken into consideration for different types of therapeutic formulations. This is why you will find it is used in the manufacturing of viscous dispersions and gels.

It acts as a disintegrator and binder and this is why it is exclusively used for the formation of tablets. It will enhance the cohesiveness in the powder used for the respective drugs to manufacture the tablets. The end results acquired from the guar plant seeds act as ineffective stabilizer and thickener that is taken into consideration for the formulation of different types of tables in the pharma domain.

Because of all these aspects, Guar gum is taken into consideration for a number of applications in the pharma industries. It is taken into consideration for applications where thickening, gelling, viscosifying, stabilizations, and water retention is the primary need.

What Benefits does It bring Into Play?

  • Guar gum plays a big role in bringing blood sugar in control and also helps in curing diabetes.
  • It also has the required attribute to decrease postprandial insulin and plasma glucose so it eventually prevents different types of chronic disease.
  • It also plays a big role in controlling obesity and cancer.

These are a few of the benefits you get with Guar Gum in the domain of the pharma industry. It is still being researched and studied about to add value in the respective domain. But, all in all, it has become one of the most integral parts of the medical field.