If we talk about guar plant seeds the first thing that clicks in our mind is its brown colour and spherical shape. It is approximately a pea sized seed. In a year the seedlings can be harvested but only when they are ripe. As these guar seeds are not soluble in water, so avoiding it from direct grinding is very important. It is not shocking that any natural ingredient can be that beneficial for every industry. But imagining guar seed as an ingredient is quite surprising because there are many people who consume it but don’t know the actual benefits of guar seeds. Here in this article we will discuss the various benefits and the application
which will surprise you about guar seeds.

Beneficial for Weight Loss

Very effective for losing weight. As the gum which is obtained from Guar seed has a unique feature. This Guar seeds or powder has water expanding and binding capacity only when it comes in contact with water. With its expanding quality it keeps your stomach full for a longer time which results in delayed digestion and less intake of calories. For replacing your fats and flour this is the best ingredient as it contains almost 1 calories per gram as compared to flour and fat. Though the continuous usage of the guar seed is very effective for losing weight , if you stop consuming it then it will be quite difficult for losing weight. There are some people who are allergic to guar seeds and if you are one who is facing so then consult a doctor and stop consuming it.

Beneficial for Diabetes

For those who are suffering from diabetes this Guar seed powder is very useful. As it absorbs the nutrients present in food that leads to sugar breakdown. Which leads to lower blood sugar levels after meals. In the studies it has been said that if you consume a candy bar of Guar gum in your lunch you will experience that your hunger is decreasing and will make you feel full for 3 to 4 hours after your meal. As the regular usage of Guar seed is not going to improve your insulin sensitivity. But it will definitely improve the response of insulin and glucose in your body. For your diabetes this herbal supplement is recommendable and highly appreciated. But still before consuming it consult a doctor.

Beneficial for Agriculture and Poultry

You will be surprised to know that in the United States guar is being used for building soil as it has the properties of nitrogen extracting that is directly from the atmosphere. Through the roots it extracts nitrogen and cultivates nitrogen-fixing bacteria and then makes the sand more fertile. As guar produces tap root which goes deep into the soil and extracts the moisture which is present in the soil. In poultry farms this guar plant or guar seeds are fed to the cattles because they are high in protein value. Majorly it is fed to the animals who produce milk.

Beneficial for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Guar gum has the property of stabilising and binding due to which it is very commonly used in tablets or you can say in the pharmaceutical industry. With its stabilising feature it is majorly used in cough syrups and the medicines which are anti-inflammatory and in vitamins. To bring smooth texture in the products cosmetic industries use this ingredient a lot majorly in all products which they produce. As the products which have been prepared with this Guar seeds are organic and which is very healthy for your skin and health if you compare it with the chemical based products.

Beneficial for Cholesterol

We all know that guar seed is a fibre which is highly soluble. With its high protein and fibre properties it is beneficial for reducing the problem of cholesterol and also it produces good cholesterol after consuming. In studies it has been found that consuming it regularly can decrease your heart disease risk. The nature of expanding in guar seeds also decreases the fat intake which reduces the calorie conception and results in the improvement of cholesterol level for a longer period of time. As there is no risk in consuming it and it is highly beneficial for your body but depending on the person, the quantity of consumption differs so always concern a doctor before consuming it for a longer time. This is a substitute for lowering cholesterol , not a solution.

Beneficial for Food Additive

We all know that the guar seeds are being processed and husked to form guar gum. The grounded white powder has stabilising, binding and thickening qualities. At the same time it’s gel-like property attracts water and binds the food. The seats which have been extracted can be used for the recipes where white floor is used and it is also helpful for the people who are suffering from the gluten allergy. Gwar beans are a very rich source of protein and this can be added to coconut paste, salad dressings, cakes, curries, sauces etc. In other items like puddings, whipped creams, cappuccinos, ice creams this guar seed powder is being used for making it smooth and creamy. From any guar seed manufacturer you can purchase this wonderful ingredient.

With the low risk factor this multifunctional guar seed is full with various benefits. The extraction of these seeds is very expensive but the results are very mind blowing. Many scientific studies have found that this guar seeds are a packet of potential nutrients with health benefits which is used in majorly all industries. Consuming guar gum powder is very beneficial as it is not necessary that you are consuming it only if you are ill. As such there are no side effects of consuming it but person to person it differs and that too normal effects like itching, stomach pain, gastric problem etc. So we are not wrong if we say that these beans are bitter in taste but have been considered as a miracle seed.

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