Modified Natural Polymer

HydraCat Series of Guar Products from Supreme is High to Low Molecular Weight Cationic Charged Polymer. It finds extensive use as Conditioning Agent in Cosmetic Formulations for Hair and Skin Care, Wet End Strength Additive in Paper Making etc. It is readily dispersible and soluble in Water at Room Temperature. It is compatible with Anionic and Amphoteric Surfactants and is specifically designed for rinse off applications.

HydraCat products are useful in:

  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Body Washes & Liquid Soaps
  • Skin Care

HydraCat products impart several benefits in home & personal care products:

  • Foam Stability
  • Luxurious after-feel
  • Salt & Alcohol tolerance
  • Wet & Dry Compatibility
  • Thickening

HydraCat products are available with variable molecular weights, conditioning properties, varying transparency and self-hydrating versions. Product can be tailored to individual customer requirements.